Safe travels: What to pack if you're planning to travel during the pandemic

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As the world gradually reopens to travel, it's important to remember personal health and wellbeing while venturing beyond our own backyards. The CDC continually updates recommendations for travelers , emphasizing that advance planning can cut down on unnecessary interaction with others.

While wearing masks and frequently washing hands are still at the top of the list for personal protection measures, there are a great many other to-dos to keep in mind when planning for a getaway near and far.

Before you travel, plan a route and destination where the coronavirus is not actively spreading. Review your destination to know in advance what facilities and services are open, and whether there are any lingering quarantine requirements.

While on the go, aim for a minimum of six feet distance between yourself and others. In addition to snacks in your personal bag, review your destination to verify which eateries allow for takeout or drive-thru options. And reduce the touchpoints between you and surfaces at restaurants, gas stations, and in transit centers.

Combine these CDC suggestions for safe travels along with our travel checklist included below to ensure you and your family members can make the most of a safe weekend getaway.