Our line of RFID Card Reader modules, Read/Write modules, and RFID tags are ready for your applications. 

The table below cross-references compatible products. Each product is shown below the table.

Modules RFID Card Reader, Serial (#28140) RFID Card Reader, USB (#28340) RFID Read/Write Module, Serial (#28440) RFID Read/Write Module, USB (#28540)
Connector 4-pin SIP header USB mini-B connector 4-pin SIP header USB mini-B connector
Use with Microcontroller Computer Microcontroller Computer
Tag family protocol EM4100 EM4100 EM4x50 EM4x50
R/W Rectangle Tag (#28441) Not compatible – the Card Readers cannot read R/W tags All commands available – the Read/Write modules can issue commands to read the unique ID, read and write data, and set and use a password with these tags.
R/W 30 mm Round Tag (#32399)
Key Fob Tag (#28161) Compatible – the Card Readers will read a tag's unique ID when it is within range and transmit it to the host Only ID read command available – the Read/Write modules can perform a command to read the unique ID of these cards, but the cards lack features to do more. Note that a Read/Write module is not a drop-in replacement for a Card Reader module application
Rectangle Tag (#28141)
50 mm Round Tag (#28142)
12.4 mm Round Tag (#28445)
25 mm Disk Tag (#32397)
Clear Disc Tag (#28449)
30mm Epoxy Disc Tag (#28448)
Nail RFID Tag (discontinued) (#28446)