Robin Steffen: Getting it Done Behind the Scenes at Parallax!

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In a small company like Parallax, it can sometimes be difficult to grow professionally unless new positions are created, but we’ve got a success story to share in Robin Steffen! In 2007, Robin joined Parallax to work in our shipping and kitting department. Since then, she has steadily grown her skills and has covered every process in the “back half” of the building. Today, Robin is doing the majority of our purchasing and inventory planning. These behind-the-scenes roles at Parallax are absolutely critical to our business, as every business decision relies on Robin and the rest of our team to deliver the vision.  

What kinds of qualities does Robin bring to Parallax? Many! Robin has a methodical approach to details and has the ability to match priorities with instincts. While business software generally shows us what to do, it only knows where we’ve been and not where we’re going. Knowing our product priorities, upcoming marketing efforts, and how procurement situations are changing requires experience, and she’s got it. Robin is a no-nonsense person, easy to work with, and runs our software systems very well. 

Personal interests? She has two sons and a spirited husband. Together, they seem to frequently travel Northern California on the weekends. I can only think of one person who has seen more of our state, and he was the host of a documentary series about California. 

Thank you for your continued work for Parallax and service to our customers, Robin! To send Robin a note of appreciation, post it below or drop me a message and I’ll forward it to her (my e-mail address is already a published spam recipient). 

Ken Gracey

Table of Contents
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