Air Quality Monitor Sensor (CO2, Temp, RH) Uses Propeller FLiP Module

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Forum member Phil Pilgrim recently sent me his new Air Quality Monitor designed around the FLiP Multicore Microcontroller Module. Phil’s projects always follow first-order engineering principles and datasheet formulas closely, so I knew the results would be professional. A colorful display shows the humidity, CO2 concentration, and temperature. A single button on the side switches to time continuums graphs of recent CO2 levels. This is another great example of how to design the FLiP Multicore Microcontroller into a product. 

The CO2 sensor is the Sensirion SCD30. The system uses an Adafruit ST7735 color TFT breakout board, DS1307 real-time clock with CR2032 battery backup, a MS5607 barometer module, and includes a connector for the customer’s remote sensors. The first prototypes were hand-wired on small perforated boards but he’s since moved to a PCB and formalized the design. Phil plans on introducing businesses to use the sensor to monitor their indoor air quality. 

The Spin1 source code drivers are posted for download. Phil says that the circuit boards will be available for anybody who wants to assemble their own, too. 

Visit the forum thread about this project

Table of Contents
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