Parallax to Donate 5% of Memorial Day Sales to Veterans Matter

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Dear Parallax Community,

Businesses everywhere use Memorial Day Weekend to run sales, including Parallax. I’m not sure why it’s that way since Memorial Day is for mourning U.S. military personnel who have died while serving in the armed forces. This put my normal marketing-minded efforts on pause, as I thought about how we could make our sale meaningful.

To give context to our efforts, Parallax will donate 5% of all online sales from Friday through Monday to Veterans Matter. Veterans Matter puts homeless veterans into permanent housing. Combine the estimated 38,000 homeless veterans with the rising costs of housing, food, and fuel, and there are plenty of people who need support to get started (or restarted). The documented administrative rate of Veterans Matter is also a low 8%. We will post a copy of our donation on this page for transparency.

We have put over 70 products on sale! Click on the images above to see how we’re discounting major product categories from 10-25%. The entire list of discounted products is shown below (excluding the product bundles, which are also on permanent sale). This kind of sale doesn’t happen very often, and there won’t be another one like it all summer.

Whether you spend the day recognizing armed forces members who have died on duty, planning your summer microcontroller projects, or just enjoying the time with family or away from work, have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


Ken Gracey
Parallax Inc.

Stock CodeNameInitial Quantity AvailableDiscount
32700cyber:bot Robot Kit – with micro:bit9310 %
32705cyber:bot Robot Kit – NO micro:bit010 %
32710Edge I/O Adapter compatible with BBC micro:bit3110 %
32717micro:bit v2 GO Bundle69410 %
32750What’s a Microcontroller with Python and micro:bit – Complete Kit14810 %
32755What’s a Microcontroller with Python – NO micro:bit4410 %
572-32750What’s a Microcontroller with Python – Electronics Pack23610 %
32123Propeller FLiP Microcontroller Module31715 %
32600ActivityBot 360° Robot Kit10415 %
32810Propeller Project Board USB142815 %
64007P2 WX Adapter Add-on Board13315 %
64008P2 to MikroBUS Click Adapter8315 %
64009P2 microSD Add-on Board22915 %
64010Universal Motor Driver P2 Add-on Board24515 %
64018P2 Edge 80-pin Adapter Kit26915 %
64019P2 Edge Mini Breakout Board29015 %
64020P2 Edge Module Breadboard27315 %
64032P2 Eval HUB75 Adapter Board7615 %
642004-20 mA R Click915 %
642014-20 mA T Click815 %
64202Air Quality Click1615 %
64203Brushless 3 Click315 %
64006-ESP2-ES Eval Board Accessory Set12615 %
P2-ECP2 Edge Module-815 %
P2-EC32MBP2 Edge Module with 32MB RAM6115 %
P2X8C4M64PPropeller 2 P2X8C4M64P Multicore Microcontroller Chip628215 %
P8X32A-D40Propeller 1 Chip – 40-Pin DIP Chip358715 %
P8X32A-Q44Propeller 1 Chip – 44-Pin QFP Chip1562515 %
32912Propeller Activity Board WX26615 %
64030P2 Live Forum Holiday Spin2 Kit3815 %
278002-Axis Joystick145320 %
278015-Position Switch59120 %
27808Gimbal Joystick with Adapter2120 %
278606.5″ Hub Motor with Encoder16120 %
278994×4 Matrix Membrane Keypad61620 %
28015PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor75120 %
28017MEMSIC 2125 Dual-axis Accelerometer237120 %
28032Wide Angle PIR Sensor with LED Signal124020 %
28033PIR Mini Sensor27320 %
280364-Directional Tilt Sensor51420 %
28041LaserPING 2m Rangefinder33320 %
28061BME680 Environmental Sensor9420 %
28090Mini Liquid Level Sensor11520 %
28091UV Light Sensor4520 %
28092Moisture Sensor Probe8020 %
28106Tank Tread Kit1620 %
28108QTI Line Follower AppKit for the Small Robot20120 %
28140RFID Card Reader – Serial49120 %
28141RFID 54 x 85 mm Rectangle Tag496320 %
28142RFID 50 mm Round Tag231520 %
28150Board of Education Development Board – Serial1520 %
28203Gripper 3.0 for Parallax Small Robots7720 %
28380ColorPAL Color Sensor38920 %
2844512.4 mm Round RFID Tag63420 %
28962Motor Mount and Wheel Kit – Aluminum2920 %
29124Altimeter Module MS560753120 %
34080Hub Motor Mounting Block17420 %
64080Heavy Duty Caster Wheel Kit8520 %
605-00004Piezo Film Vibra Tab28320 %
605-00005Melexis 90217 Hall-Effect Sensor16120 %
605-000063/8 Diameter x 1/8 Thick Magnet14620 %
30016Emic 2 Text-to-Speech Module5620 %
27130Super Carrier Board9425 %
28132Boe-Bot Robot Kit – Serial825 %
28803Board of Education Full Kit – USB1925 %
28832Boe-Bot Robot Kit – USB14925 %
BS1-ICBASIC Stamp 1 Microcontroller Module22225 %
BS2-ICBASIC Stamp 2 Microcontroller Module203325 %
BS2P24BASIC Stamp 2p24 Microcontroller Module17525 %
BS2PX24BASIC Stamp 2px Microcontroller Module35425 %
Table of Contents
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Whit Stodghill

What a wonderful and generous idea! Thanks Parallax for ALWAYS being the best.

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