Chip Gracey

Chip Gracey is the founder of Parallax. Chip’s interests in coding, electronics and microcontrollers started with the Apple II computer.

Since the 1980s, Chip has created microcontroller development tools, custom microcontrollers and circuit boards, programming languages and applications that have been used around the world. Chip has five children and lives on a walnut orchard in Northern California.

Ken Gracey

Ken is our optimistic and fearless leader of Parallax for over 20 years. Ken has some diverse interests in robotics, clarinet and holds the record of highest altitude traveled by any Parallaxian.

Ken earned his preliminary Career Technology Education (CTE) credential and worked within the local school system for seven years, putting Parallax products and curriculum to the test.

He continually talks about working “smart”, having fun, and keeping one’s life in balance.

Andy Lindsay

The famous Andy Lindsay, Parallax’s prize author and teacher educator! You won’t meet a nicer person that aims to deliver quality with every given opportunity.

Andy earned his engineering degree from CSU Sacramento and remains very engaged with the college community as a volunteer and occasionally returning student.

We can always safely say that “you’ll love what he’s working on today”!

Stephanie Lindsay

Stephanie’s contributions are wide and varied. Incorporating customer insights when developing and updating products and tutorials is her specialty.

Her left/right brain balance allows her to consider the details AND the big picture when crafting creative solutions (also evident in her abstract art pursuits).

If you’ve ever enjoyed a project in our books or taken a tour and delighted along with everyone else at KittyBot — Stephanie had a hand in it.

Jeff Martin

As a kid, Jeff spent his time tinkering with electronics and engineering mostly-mechanical contraptions “for the fun of it.” At age 11 he learned to program and while in college he mastered the BASIC Stamp 1.

Soon after, he took a job supporting many products here at Parallax; working in Tech Support, IT, management, and now in our R & D department as our Senior Software Engineer. If you’re enjoying programming the Propeller via Propeller Tool or BlocklyProp, Jeff is one of the people you can thank!

He is a kind and considerate person who is energized by inquisitive people creating with technology. Jeff’s personal hobbies include camping, hiking, traveling, cycling, and spending time with family.

Robert Reimers

For Parallax, Robert is the resident Photographer and Videographer.  Our parts and kits have never looked more photogenic. 

Robert has studied and worked in the field of film and production for many years; creativity is most definitely his strong suit.

Mark Saleh

Mark has built so many robotics kits that he literally turned into a Boe-Bot for Halloween one year!

As Parallax’s Kitting Lead, he assembles kits so that you can open a bag or box and have everything you need to build your project.

Robin Steffen

For many years, we relied on Robin to ship packages and cycle count Parallax inventory! 

Today she is also coordinating production jobs, sourcing and purchasing materials, receiving, and assisting with production as needed.  Every successful warehouse needs a “Robin”! 

Kristina Stewart

When Kristina isn’t processing sales orders and checking inventory for purchasing agents from school districts, she is trying to keep up with her two sons who are also intrigued by robotics, Star Wars, and anything else with a sense of humor.

She is eager to receive your call, faxed P.O., or email inquiry and we’re thankful that Kristina is an early riser because she is usually processing orders by 7:00 a.m.!

Chantal Woods-Jones

Chantal holds the prestigious honor of not only the first employee but also the employee with the longest duration of employment at Parallax.

She joined Chip in the early days of Parallax when orders were taken with pen and paper, everybody worked in manufacturing on occasion, and she gracefully taught young engineers how to be decent in a workplace.

Thank you Chantal! 

Bonnie Teuton

Bonnie is the keeper of fireproof file cabinets, building plans & keys, broker contacts of all types, employee handbook, safety handbook, and payroll.

She is Parallax’s Human Resources & Office Manager and since Parallax is an employer in California, not a single day is a repeat for her, there is always something new going on.

Terell Proeung

Terell is the leader of our manufacturing team in Rocklin, California. His superpowers include keeping our machines serviced and very clean, ensuring the highest standard of quality, organizing all the test fixtures and processes, and running millions of parts through the surface mount assembly line.

Terell works closely with our engineers to ensure the products are manufacturable, with our purchasing team to get the right packages of components, and with our inventory to keep it 99.9% accurate.

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