BlocklyProp: Visual Programming Language Also Generates C Code

Our internal favorite is used by all ages for experimenting, robotics and commercial products!

Learn programming on the fast track with BlocklyProp Solo! Interlocking blocks with readable text introduce programming concepts in a visual, logical way. Parallax’s BlocklyProp programming environment is our most powerful, fully-featured programming environment.

 Based on Google’s Blockly core, this visual programming language is quickly understood by students, especially those with prior experience on Scratch, Tinkercad Codeblocks and similar environments. Building programs is both logical and intuitive.   


BlocklyProp & Propeller 1 Multicore Microcontroller

BlocklyProp extends well beyond the screen to physical computing with robotics, electronics and projects — using the Propeller 1 Multicore Microcontroller. 

This processor is found on the Propeller Activity Board WX (used on the ActivityBot 360) or a FLiP Multicore Module. 

BlocklyProp has an inviting look and a low threshold of entry, but it’s also used by engineers to develop products. 

Support Resources for BlocklyProp

Support resources for BlocklyProp are extensive. The ActivityBot 360 tutorials, BlocklyProp Reference and Tiny Tutorials on our YouTube Channel are three popular starting points. 


BlocklyProp Generates C Code

The C project may be copied from the BlocklyProp environment and further edited in Simple IDE (for Mac, Windows and Linux).  Educators and students desiring a text-based programming environment identify this feature as a strength of the system.

Education Resources around BlocklyProp

BlocklyProp works with the Propeller multicore microcontroller based robots, kits and boards shown below. With a single click, peek at the generated code under the hood as a natural progression towards text-based programming.   Chromebook, Windows, and Mac OS Compatible.

BlocklyProp is a Real-World Solution

At the Google Blockly Summit, the developers challenged Blockly users to apply the tool to real-world applications in industry, medical, robotics and commerce. As time passes, this challenge is actually being realized. Take a look at our Real-World with BlocklyProp webinar:

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