Programming Languages


Parallax’s BlocklyProp programming environment is our most powerful, fully-featured programming environment!

Learn programming on the fast track with BlocklyProp Solo! Interlocking blocks with readable text introduce programming concepts in a visual, logical way. 

Propeller C

Parallel Processing Beyond Arduino Creates New Possibilities​!

Parallax’s C Learning System for the Propeller 1 Multicore Microcontroller creates a new way of thinking beyond the common sequential coding process that we now learn starting in elementary school.

Arduino C

Combine Arduino C sketches, the Shield-Bot and Codebender for a popular classroom robot system!

The strength of the Arduino ecosystem in education is significant. Many educators have invested in Arduino and teach effectively with this platform.

Parallax introduces robotics to this ecosystem with the Shield-Bot robot — the longest running, most widely used robot for the Uno.


Python’s English-like readability, the BBC micro:bit, cyber:bot robot kit, and browser-based programming environment are a winning combination​!

Python is the world’s fastest growing text-based language, especially in education. 

The cyber:bot is the popular Parallax robotic platform developed with Students build the robot, construct the circuits, write the Python scripts, and run the combination as a complete system. 


PBASIC and the BASIC Stamp: a staple in education, an instructor favorite​, and the begining of Parallax's microcontroller education program!

In 1997 Parallax produced the Board of Education, a breadboard carrier and project board for the BASIC Stamp 2.

Educators around the country quickly asked that we mount it on a robot, and the Boe-Bot was created. Combined with Andy Lindsay’s book “Robotics with the Boe-Bot” and “What’s a Microcontroller”, this combination of hardware and tutorials became our most popular educational product – ever!

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