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Parallax IDE for Chrome

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UPDATE NOTICE: Google has deprecated the technologies that Parallax IDE is built upon.  Parallax plans to replace this application with another by Aug 2022.  Return here later for update information.

chrome web store

Get Parallax IDE from the Chrome Web Store.

BASIC Stamp development software built as a Google Chrome Application. Runs on Chromebook, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. Download the Getting Started guide PDF here; this includes installation instructions and also the "Getting Started with Stamps in Class" guide. Then, get Parallax IDE from the Google Chrome Web Store. BASIC Stamp modules supported: BS2, BS2e, BS2sx, BS2p24, BS2p40, BS2pe. Note: Supports only a single program slot in multi-slot modules. Does not support BS1 or BS2px.

COPPA/PII Compliance: The Parallax IDE Google Chrome Application does not deliver any personally identifiable information (PII) to Parallax Inc. No registration email is required.  If the end-user is logged into their Chrome browser or Chrome OS on a Chromebook,  Parallax IDE automatically uses their Google Account's Google Drive to sync their local BS2 programs onto their cloud storage and back again.  There's no actual log-in or any email address collection within Parallax IDE itself.


On Chrome v92+, be sure to use Parallax IDE v0.14.4 to avoid a layout bug that causes the Debug pane to be obscured and the editor and files scroll bar to be hidden.

Download Version & Details

NOTE: On Chromebooks, early versions of Chrome OS v54 cause system freezes when USB devices are plugged in.  Parallax IDE requires Chrome OS v54.0.2840.101 or later to fix this problem.

Guide Version 0.12

Guide: Includes both installation instructions and the Getting Started with Stamps in Class guide.

Software: Supports Chromebook, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X, running Chrome 45 or higher*.

  • Added support for both mouse and touch when used on touchscreen devices
  • Fixed Tx activity light which wouldn't blink upon transmission
  • More features detailed in the open source release list.

* Note: The error message "serial.setBreak is not a function" error occurs when trying to download code using Chrome 44 or lower.  On Chromebooks, use Chrome OS v54.0.2840.101 or later to prevent a system freeze issue.

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