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The SumoBot WX Competition Kit includes two complete SumoBot WXs with sensors and components for some serious competition. You’ll need to obtain a piece of smooth plywood, cut out a circle, sand and paint for a SumoBot WX ring. The SumoBot WX is programmed in BlocklyProp, a perfect companion to round out the fun. SumoBot WX is used for corporate events, classrooms and hobby!

sumobot wx

Robot Assembly, Ring Fabrication and Competition Creates Involvement in STEM

Assembly of the robots, construction of the SumoBot ring, and the eventual BlocklyProp programming will create involvement and collaboration in STEM. With these different aspects of building, programming, and fabricating, the process is more inclusive than a project focused exclusively on coding. 

The in-class competitions are tremendous fun. Students will code their strategies into the robots. For example, rather than turn to locate and push the opponent, escape quickly and circle the ring and try to locate them and push from the side or behind! 

Hardware Design

Long-time customers of Parallax will recognize the chassis design, but that’s about all that’s familiar with the original BASIC Stamp version. The SumoBot WX uses a Propeller FliP Multicore Module with socketed sensors — and many more of them. 

A new tire design provides extra-grippy performance on smooth surfaces. 

The sensors for each robot include four QTIs for edge ring detection, four sets of infrared emitters and receivers, and LEDs for subsystem testing. The SumoBot WX board includes expansion capabilities for the Ping))) Ultrasonic Sensor or Ping Laser. 

sumobot wx

Tutorials & Educator Resources

SumoBot WX Tutorial Series — These web tutorials guide you step-by-step through building each SumoBot WX Robot. 

The tutorials provide examples and to code and test the different subsystems (motors, QTI sensors, infrared emitter/detectors) but leave the complete integration and competition code up to the student. 

SumoBot WX has no specific assessment material. 

Add-ons & Accessory Parts

The SumoBot WX is expandable with optional accessories. There is a dedicated socket for PING))) and LaserPING))) rangefinders, as well as extra 3-pin headers for the sensors of your choice.

A Parallax WX Wifi DIP module may be added for wireless programming and other experimental applications. 

Individual pieces are available separately for experimentation and fleet maintenance.

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Bruce R.
Bruce R.
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You guys really do a spectacular job of developing your tutorials!
David M.
David M.
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I held a team building exercise where we broke into 6 teams and built your SumoBot kits and everyone really had a good time!
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