Shield-Bot with Arduino

If the Arduino Uno is your microcontroller of choice, we have something designed just for you!

shield bot for arduino

Arduino Uno Plugs Into the Shield-Bot Board of Education

The Shield-Bot’s Board of Education Shield makes it easy for Arduino Uno programmers to build their own robot using Parallax’s beginner-friendly sensors and microcontroller accessories.

This is a great combination for learning programming, electronics, and robotics — and is most commonly chosen when the Arduino is a key requirement. 

Engineering Design Process

The Shield-Bot for Arduino tutorials are among the most popular engineering program curriculum we produce. The engineering design process is inherent in the Shield-Bot for Arduino Tutorials. Applied to robotics, this process involves understanding a design, building a circuit and writing C code, testing it in subsystems, and making revisions to improve the code and circuit are common throughout the series. 

Students who complete this tutorial series will have an understanding of basic digital communication, analog inputs, C coding with Arduino, reading schematics and the use of sensors  in robotics. Educators who have been using the Boe-Bot often appreciate this kit because the servo pulses are “set it and forget it” with the Arduino — removing the servo pulse timing loops that has caused some struggle among younger students.  

274-page Printed Tutorial Eliminates Computer Application Task-Switching

Coding can be difficult when a student must task-switch between an on-line tutorial and the Arduino IDE. A quick loss of thought is not conducive to learning how to code. This dilemma is solved by using our printed 274-page, spiral-bound printed tutorial. Lay the tutorial flat next to the keyboard, keeping the Arduino IDE open on the screen, with the robot on the other side of the keyboard — and the thought process is far more continuous as the student moves between these resources. The tutorial chapters include:

  • Programming the Arduino microcontroller
  • Calibrating the servo motors and monitoring servo signals with LED lights
  • Assembling and testing the BOE Shield-Bot
  • Navigation basics and pre-programmed maneuvers
  • Tactile navigation with whisker switches
  • Light-sensitive navigation with phototransistors
  • Navigating with infrared headlights for object detection
  • Shadow vehicle navigation with distance detection
The on-line tutorials are nearly identical. The printed tutorial is included with the Shield-Bot for Arduino product. 

Expansion Possibilities

Need to scaffold the class? The Shield-Bot for Arduino is compatible with all of our small robot accessories, including the QTI Line Follower, Ping))) Ultrasonic Sensor with Mounting Bracket, and Infrared Remote Control. The project tutorials include the Kitty Cat Bot, Pixy2 CMU Camera, and others.

Educator Support

The Shield-Bot has complete resources for educators, as shown in this video. Educators may request access to scope and sequence, assessment material and other support resources by e-mail request.

Parallax has also hosted Distance Learning Workshops for the Shield-Bot, which are available on our YouTube Channel Distance Learning Playlist.

The Educator Hotline is also available for specific questions (916-701-8625).

Add-ons & Accessory Parts

The Shield-Bot is compatible with all of the popular robot accessories shown below.

Source code examples for these accessories are found on their product pages or on the Shield-Bot Projects page on

In addition, replenishment packs and individual hardware pieces are available for fleet maintenance.

What people say about Shield Bot for Arduino

We strive to provide the best products and support for all of our customers. 

Michael Yenor
Legacy High School, Clark County, NV

“Got my 10 Parallax Shield-Bots with Arduino that I received from a grant. I am so excited to let my students use these at home #STEM kits and have a real-time learning experience. Thanks @ParallaxKen and @ParallaxInc for such an awesome opportunity. #STEMeducation #Arduino #futureengineers”

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