Scribbler 3 (S3) Robot

The fully assembled Scribbler 3 is programmed in visual BlocklyProp, providing a robotics option without circuit-building and text-based programming.

scribbler s3 robot

More about Scribbler 3 Robot

Simple enough to set up in minutes, the S3 is powerful enough to teach engaging activities throughout the school year. 

Lights, sounds, a pen port,  motors, and sensors support creative, interactive robotics projects, while integrating other subjects such as math, science, and art are all possible. 

Tutorials & Resources

Scribbler S3 Tutorial Series — these tutorials are suitable for upper elementary and middle school students. 

Topics cover an introduction to the robot, getting started with the visual BlocklyProp programming language, and then example programs and activities for using each of the robot’s features. 

A dedicated Scribbler 3 Robot Block Reference details which blocks are available to the S3 in the visual BlocklyProp programming language.

Educator Support

Refer to the Scribbler S3 Resources for a Scope & Sequence, Standard Matrix, and other guides for adding the S3 to your classroom.

Educators may have access to assessment materials by e-mail request. Educators may also request Zoom or on-site workshops to train entire districts on the S3 robot. 

Parallax also has a YouTube Playlist for the S3, for instruction and inspiration. The Educator Hotline is available for specific questions (916-701-8625).

Add-ons & Accessory Parts

The S3 features a Hacker Port for attaching extra hardware, such as a standard servo to make a pen lifter, or a Ping Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for long-range object detection.

In addition, replacement motors, o-ring tires, batteries, and USB cables are available individually for fleet maintenance.

Contact for assistance.

What people say about the Scribbler 3 Robot

We strive to provide the best products and support for all of our customers. 

Vicky V.
Vicky V.
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The S3 does everything I hoped that it could for being a self contained starter programming robot. The S3 would be excellent as a traveling set, very durable and no little parts needed, all of the sensors are built right into the robot.
John A.
John A.
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The beauty of Blockly is that students are programming right from the beginning. Their isn’t the disappointment for students that are poor at typing or have difficulty understanding the logic of programming. With Blockly, they get it right away.
Teresa B.
Teresa B.
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I believe that any teacher with a desire to add robots to their classroom, (even with no prior robotics experience) could very successfully integrate the S3 into their program.
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