Robot with BBC micro:bit

The cyber:bot robot adds a real-world hands-on hardware dimension to Python-focused computer science, CTE, and cybersecurity programs. The cyber:bot was created as a joint effort between Parallax and, funded through the Department of Homeland Security.  The product line ecosystem has grown to become Parallax’s top educational robot. 

Cyber Bot

Python, circuit building and robotics create a rewarding technology education "puzzle"

The cyber:bot merges a BBC micro:bit with the Parallax small robot form factor that’s a proven STEM success in classrooms. Building a cyber:bot requires a few hours and some attention to detail using included tools. Everybody will succeed because the tutorials are highly evolved and complete.  

Once assembled, the activities shift writing Python scripts, building electronic circuits, and following the tutorials. The circuits use real electronic components — something your students are ready for! 

The cyber:bot’s capabilities are suitable for autonomous, desktop robotics competition. An onboard Propeller multicore microcontroller serves as a co-processor for handling servo motors and breadboard sensor circuits, supporting robust projects that go beyond what the micro:bit can do on its own. 

250+ pages of tutorials

cyber:Bot tutorial series—A series of web tutorials for micro:bit Python programming, building and running the cyber:bot, and exploring cybersecurity topics is available online at

The entire tutorial series require approximately 50-100 hours to complete. Add in the assessment material for another 20+ hours. Scaffold students with the use of accessories (Ping))) Ultrasonic, Line Follower, and other hardware) if differentiation is needed. 

Educator Support

The cyber:bot educator support is complete for drop-in use in a classroom. Refer to the cyber:bot & cybersecurity tutorials, a Scope & Sequence, and Standards Matrix to incorporate the cyber:bot into your classroom goals.

Assessment materials are available by emailing An example of one page of the assessment material is shown on the right. The assessment material is available in PDF or RTF format, in case you’d like to edit them on your own. We provide teachers with free copyright use of our material, should you wish to incorporate it into your district or college Learning Management System (LMS) software.

We offer hands-on workshops over Zoom for educators, and these incldue a free cyber:bot. You may also learn on your own using our recent Distance Learning Workshops for the cyber:bot, which are available on our YouTube Channel Distance Learning Playlist

The Educator Hotline is also available for specific questions (916-701-8625).

Kit Options & Add-ons

The cyber:bot is compatible with the popular add-on hardware kits shown below that extend its capabilities for student projects.  In addition, replenishment packs and individual hardware pieces are available for fleet maintenance.

What people say about the cyber:bot

We strive to provide the best products and support for all of our customers. 

Jackie Tan
Jackie Tan
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I took a free BBC micro:bit and cyber:bot training from Parallax in June and their lessons are solid. I highly recommend their educational programs for middle school tech programs!
Mark Evans
Mark Evans
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I am interested in all of your professional development workshops this year. We love you guys and have always benefited from your carefully crafted tutorials, lessons and professional development.
Ben Smith
Ben Smith
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Thank you for all the assistance I have had this year from Parallax. I received cyber:bot kits and have put together a rather robust robotics program in our middle school using the micro:bit and python. I am especially thankful for the support through the workshops and online materials.
Marc Shapiro
Marc Shapiro
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I was able to get 18 cyber:bots for my classroom, one for each student, and they worked beautifully. We were in hybrid mode most of the year, and fully virtual for about two months. It was fantastic for each student to have a bot to work with. The terrific tutorials were extremely helpful!
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