Boe-Bot Robot

Our original educational robot with a BASIC Stamp microcontroller 2 brain.

boe bot from parallax

More about the Boe-Bot Robot

This Board of Education on wheels is designed for skill-building. Students will wire breadboard-based circuits that use touch, visible light, and infrared light for robot navigation, using real-world components.

The robot’s BASIC Stamp brain is programmed in PBASIC, a simple text based language where each line in a single file performs a single task, with nothing hidden or abstracted in libraries.

Tutorials & Resources

The Boe-Bot kit includes a 360 page spiral-bound book Robotics with the Boe-Bot (also a free PDF download). 

Each chapter builds on the one before, introducing skills, concepts, and components in a step-by-step fashion.

Find additional BASIC Stamp projects at

Educator Support

The Boe-Bot is a good first robot for junior high, high school, and community college courses. For many years it has been used in classroom and regional competitions. 

This robot kit can be used as a California A-G approved elective course.

Presentations, course guides and assessment material are available to verified educators; contact for details.

Boe-Bot Add-ons, Sensors, and Accessories

The Boe-Bot  is compatible with all of the popular robot add-on accessories shown below. Source code examples for these accessories are found on their product pages.

In addition, replenishment packs and individual hardware pieces are available for fleet maintenance.

Contact for assistance.

What people say about the Boe-Bot Robot

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Donna S.
Donna S.
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Parallax is a great partner for teaching robotics. They understand how to get teachers up to speed so their students can get the most from their products.
Paul W.
Paul W.
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Parallax has taken the time to ensure quality educational materials accompany quality equipment.
Wayne G.
Wayne G.
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Thank you so much for all you do, and especially for the incredible support you provide to education.
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