ActivityBot 360°

The ActivityBot 360° is our most capable small robot, with its Propeller 1 Multicore brain. Programmed in BlocklyProp or C, this kit has an extended set of project tutorials and accessories provide a robot suitable for middle schoolers and university students. 

Activity Bot 360 by Parallax

Educator's Workshop Now Enrolling

Get equipped for hands-on robotics in your classroom with the ActivityBot 360° and visual BlocklyProp programming.

This workshop meets online via Zoom in three 2-hour sessions on October 3, 5, & 7 at 3pm Pacific Time with brief homework in between. This opportunity is open to STEM educators in the US at no cost and includes a free robot kit shipped before the course!

BlocklyProp for the ActivityBot 360°

Parallax’s BlocklyProp is a visual programming language based on Google Blockly, but customized for the ActivityBot 360° and the Propeller Activity Board. BlocklyProp is ideal for teaching programming concepts, generating code which compiles and is free of syntax errors. A quick tour through the BlocklyProp reference will show you the endless expansion capabilities for project-based learning.  

Visual BlocklyProp Solo online programming makes learning to code easy, and provides a transition to text-based C. 

C Programming for ActivityBot 360°

The ActivityBot 360° tutorials have a parallel track in C, using SimpleIDE. SimpleIDE may be installed on Mac or Windows operating systems. The C language is useful for scaffolding students to a text-based language and professional coding tools.

ActivityBot 360° Tutorials

The ActivityBot is supported with visual BlocklyProp and C language tutorials available online at learn.parallax.comBuilding the ActivityBot 360° requires a few hours including servo calibration. This is often one of the favorite parts of the project for students who have not had a hands-on upbringing. Once built, the tutorials are sequential circuit construction and testing, with integration of robot driving commands. 

The tutorial sequence requires approximately 40-60 hours and may be done in a one or two student per robot ratio. If assessments are included or the numerous hardware add-ons are used, the total lab time can easily increase to over 100 hours. 

Expanding the ActivityBot 360°

Hardware and coding expansion opportunities with the ActivityBot 360° is nearly limitless with the Propeller Activity Board WX. Some of the accessories include the Line Follower, Gripper, and numerous other sensors (RFID, distance sensors, etc). These hardware add-ons can be used to create classroom competitions of all types. The Propeller Activity Board WX may also be removed from the ActivityBot 360° for student-built science projects. 

Educator Resources

Refer to our Tutorial Series, our Scope and Sequence, and our Standards Matrix. to incorporate the ActivityBot into your classroom goals.

If you’re looking for funding so you can obtain a classroom set of hardware, see our funding tips for educators

The curriculum is University of California A-G Certified.  Assessment materials are available to verified teachers; just email  

Parallax has also hosted Distance Learning Workshops for the ActivityBot, which are available on our YouTube Channel Distance Learning Playlist.

The Educator Hotline is also available for specific questions (916-701-8625).

funding tips

Kit Options, Add-Ons, Accessories, & Parts

The ActivityBot 360° is expandable with many compatible sensors, accessories, and hardware add-ons.  Replenishment packs and individual pieces are also available separately for experimentation and fleet maintenance.

What people say about ActivityBot 360°

We strive to provide the best products and support for all of our customers. 

Ralph Arabian
Engineering, Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School

“I took the ActivityBot 360 Educator’s Course from Andy Lindsay in New Hampshire a few years ago and he taught me everything I needed to know about coding and robotics – he’s a saint and an amazing educator!”

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