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Educator Workshops give teachers three 1.5 hour sessions of guided hands-on experience with Parallax curriculum and hardware, free of charge.  U.S. teachers, apply now!

Cyber Bot

cyber:bot with BBC micro:bit

The cyber:bot is a favorite among middle school through university level educators. This robot kit and curriculum were created in partnership between and Parallax. Some key points about the cyber:bot:

  • Curriculum focus on electronics, circuit building, cybersecurity, wireless communication
  • Python programming language with the BBC micro:bit
  • User-transparent Propeller 1 Multicore extends capabilities with Python code modules
  • Micro:bit IDE is online and runs in Windows, Mac and Chromebooks
  • Free professional development from Parallax


The tutorials are several hundred pages and may be used for an entire year of classroom education.

Available individually or in the popular cyber:bot 12-Pack Plus.

ActivityBot 360°

Our most powerful robot is programmed in BlocklyProp, our custom version of Google’s Blockly visual programming language or C, with SimpleIDE. These two programming styles support the widest range of abilities and ages, from middle school through university programs. Some key points about the ActivityBot 360°: 

  • Curriculum focuses on electronics, circuit building, and coding
  • Highest expansion capability for student-lead projects
  • Powerful Propeller 1 Multicore Microcontroller is highly expandable for other functions
  • Built-in socket for wireless control, audio amplifier, analog inputs, and other expansion
  • Supports *.wav sound file playback
  • BlocklyProp and C programming environments, with tutorials to accompany each language
  • Closed-loop motor control system with feedback servos means precise distance/speed control
  • BlocklyProp runs on Windows, Mac and Chromebooks (all using Chrome browser)
  • SimpleIDE for C runs on Windows and Mac 


The ActivityBot 360° be purchased individually or in the popular 12-pack plus kits.

ActivityBot 360
shield bot for arduino - blue board

Shield-Bot for Arduino

Use Arduino already? Your choice is easy – use the Shield-Bot for Arduino Uno. Our Shield-Bot for Arduino is the most popular Arduino-based robot in the world, and for good reasons:

  • Curriculum focuses on electronics, coding and incorporates engineering design process
  • Additional Arduino Shields may be used in the expansion sockets
  • C programming environment runs on Windows and Mac
  • Parallax offers free edu.Codebender support to Chromebook classrooms
  • Printed and on-line tutorials provide options for different learning styles


Programming in Arduino C with Parallax Shield-Bot for Arduino Tutorials is a 40-hour course. Available individually or in the 12-pack Plus format.

Boe-Bot Robot Kit

Educators who use the Boe-Bot simply won’t change, nor do we ask them to! The original traditional Boe-Bot remains a favorite among many educators due to the simplicity of PBASIC programming, ease of use, and “close to the hardware” engineering content in the spiral-bound tutorial. The strengths of the BASIC Stamp and Boe-Bot include:

  • Robotics with the Boe-Bot curriculum may be preceded with the famous “What’s a Microcontroller?”
  • PBASIC language is easy to use and doesn’t obscure engineering details through use of libraries
  • BASIC Stamp software runs on Windows and Chrome OS (for Macs and Chromebooks)
  • Printed, spiral-bound tutorial provides for more continual thought process when coding
boe bot from parallax

Common Chassis Design, Complete Tutorial Support Material is Necessary for Education

Why is a folded piece of metal important to the Parallax educational robotics program?

Parallax has produced well over 1.5 million chassis of this style. It’s fame began in 1997 as part of a weekend experiment to mount the “Board of Education” on a robot chassis to what we named the Boe-Bot. The universal chassis design has proven incredibly important because customers can move between microcontroller platforms (Arduino, BBC micro:bit, Propeller, BASIC Stamp) without upgrading certain hardware parts. This universal chassis design also ensures that our add-ons (Line Follower, sensors, Ping))) with Mounting Bracket) work across our different robots. This is also a durable chassis; a robot that drives off a desk can still be used!

It’s also possible to switch between platforms with our conversion kits. For a technical comparison of our small robots, see the Small Robot Comparison Chart. For something more practical, here’s a brief narrative explaining why you’d choose one over the other!
scribbler s3 robot

Scribbler 3

This popular third-generation robot is the ideal starter for elementary schools.

Programmed in BlocklyProp with easy-to-read tutorials, pre-built sensor circuits, and durable solution.

Purchase the S3 individually or in the S3 12-Pack Plus.

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