Propeller 1 Hardware

From Prototype to Production

From prototype to production and educational to industrial -- there’s a solution for your project!

Product designers doing circuit board design in higher volume often use the QFP or DIP format of the Propeller 1 (P8X32A).

The P8X32A-D40 is most useful for prototyping in breadboarded or socketed circuits. A USB programming port may be built into the circuit board, or to further reduce costs designers use a 4-pin header and the Prop Plug externally.

The Propeller chip can run on its own with a 3.3-volt power supply, internal clock, and with its internal RAM for code storage. Add an external EEPROM for non-volatile code storage and an external clock source for accurate timing. PCB landing patterns for this chip are available for DipTrace users on request.

The Propeller FLiP Microcontroller

To minimize circuit design time or start experimenting quickly, use the popular Propeller FLiP module.

The breadboard-friendly Propeller FLiP microcontroller module packs a lot of features into a small, easy-to-use form-factor. With on-board USB for both communication and power, lots of on-board LEDs, a high-performance 3.3V switching regulator, USB and reverse-polarity protection, and informative, easy-to-read labelling, the Propeller FLiP module will quickly become your go-to microcontroller for all of your inventions!

Commonly used in education and production projects up to 100+ units.

Activity Board WX

The Propeller Activity Board WX is our most popular board for educational customers and those with quick prototyping needs.

This full-featured design is for teaching STEM education technology basics: electronics, programming, sensors, communication, computer science, engineering, and control systems.

It includes connections for SD card, audio output, servos, XBee RF modules and 3-pin connections for Parallax sensors.

The Propeller 1 Activity Board is the control system on the ActivityBot 360 and often programmed in C or BlocklyProp.

The Propeller 1 Shop

Visit the Propeller 1 product family page for the complete selection of chips, boards, and modules.

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