P2 Edge Module and P2 Edge Module Breadboard

This is an expandable combination for engineers, education and hobbyists. There’s a convenient bundle if you don’t want to purchase individual parts. 

The P2 Edge is cost-effective efficiently-designed six-layer PCB that includes the main components for most applications, simplifying integration by only requiring one of our 80-pin connectors. The P2 Edge plugs into the P2 Edge Module Breadboard, an expansive area for circuit building with three-pin headers, Propeller 2 Accessory Set and a high-current supply for servos and Parallax’s sensors. Programming requires a PropPlugBe sure to get a 5V/3A power supply and USB to 2.1mm power cable. too. 

P2 Mini Breakout Board

The P2 Mini Breakout Board provides another low-cost solution to quickly connect the P2 Edge to the Propeller 2 Accessory Boards, Click Adapter, or WX Adapter. 

Be sure to get a 5V/3A power supply and USB to 2.1mm power cable. too. 

P2 Evaluation Board

Our P2 Evaluation Board is the original P2 design for engineers and early adopters, having gone through several revisions since 2019.

The P2 Evaluation Board is the best choice for professional development, especially for those working with precise, high-speed signaling.

The traces are length-matched and controlled for signal measurement and generation, analog inputs, and digital signal processing.

Programming circuitry is built directly into the board and no PropPlug is required. The Propeller 2 Accessory Set plugs directly into the board’s headers.

MikroE Clicks

Parallax also supports 20+ MikroE Click Boards. We’ve made a Click Adapter to connect these to the P2 Edge Module Breadboard or Propeller 2 Evaluation Board.

Clicks share a common connector and interface; over 1,000 of them exist through electronic suppliers like Mouser and Digi-Key.

They provide a quick way to interface commonly used sensors, real-time clocks, motor controllers, RS-485 circuits, and displays.

In most cases, Parallax provides Spin2 source code for the Click boards available from our shop. Check Downloads and Resources under each Click for the Spin2 code examples.  

P2 Forum

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What people say about Propeller 2 Hardware

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Dave Matthews
Dave Matthews
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"This is Perfect! I can migrate my P1 systems to P2 with a motherboard change and keep the products rolling with greater capability. I was thinking about adding the P2 to a motherboard design, but this will be simpler with all of the support parts in place. Stoked!"
Piotr Kardasz
Piotr Kardasz
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The Propeller 2 is one of the best examples of analog enabled microcontroller with its A/D and DA capabilities and cordic module.
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The P2 Edge is remarkable! I had fond hopes of a P2 header board from Parallax, and Edge clearly exceeds expectations. The synergy with JonnyMac's design just adds to the amazement. If the voice of Julia Collin Davidson, "Good job!"
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The P2 does pretty much everything I needed an MCU to do. Even the freedom to do layout unhindered, with all I/O pins being truly equal with very few exceptions, is a fresh breeze...Everything can be tweaked till the cows come home...exactly how I imagined a "blue sky" type of an MCU. Not only does P2 deliver in the DSP department, it also has neat, fast analog peripherals baked into every pin, letting the DSP be leveraged in ways otherwise limited to custom silicon. The obscene memory bandwidth is a good match for many DSP applications.
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