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Propeller 2 Quick Byte Code Examples

P2 Quick Byte

Send Email from the Propeller 2 Using the IoT Gateway on Raspberry Pi

Note: This Quick Byte is an application of the IoT Gateway’s email feature using a CM2302 Temperature and Humidity Sensor. …


Arlo Conversion to P2 with the Universal Motor Controller

Description These instructions demonstrate the upgrade of an Arlo robot from Propeller 1 to Propeller 2 control with the new …

P2 Quick Byte

Floating Point Math: DEBUG and Terminal Display Example

Description Run-time floating-point operators have recently been added to Spin2’s language interpreter. These operators utilize the 32-bit IEEE-754 floating-point format. …


Ping))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor with Graphical Debug Demo

Description The Ping))) object provides the distance from the sensor connected to an I/O pin through a 3.3k to 4.7k …

P2 Quick Byte

Using Smart Pins to Measure Frequency Output of TSL235R Light-to-Frequency Sensor

Description Through the use Propeller P2 smart pins it is easy to measure the frequency, periods and duty cycle of …

P2 Quick Byte

Configuring Visual Studio Code for Programming the P2 on Mac, Windows, and Linux

Description This Quick Byte details the setup to configure three open source software tools to program the Propeller 2 (the …


320×240 LCD Driver for ILI9341 Controller and XPT2046 Touch Screen

Description The driver from forum members Cluso99, Greg LaPolla, and Mike Roberts make it very easy to draw lines, blocks, …

P2 Quick Byte

XBee RF Transparent and API Mode Demo

Description This Quick Byte includes three spin2 code archives and objects for using Digi XBee Modules in transparent or API …

P2 Quick Byte

Five Buttons On One Pin

Description This program demonstrates how to series-connect five pushbuttons over one I/O pin, so that they can all be read …


Goertzel Operation with Ultrasonic Transducers

Description The P2 Goertzel circuit measures up to four ADC input signals for magnitude and phase correlation of four internal …

P2 Quick Byte

LEDs – Beyond the Basics

Description Most of us begin our experiments with microcontrollers by blinking an LED; this is the microcontroller version of the …

P2 Quick Byte

DVI/VGA Text Driver Demo

Description Forum member rogloh created this easy-to-use text driver API layer that simplifies the setup in his VGA/DVI/TV driver for …

Other P2 Community Code Examples



  • Risc V – by Eric R. Smith
  • Z80 – by TonyB_
  • ZPU – by Eric R. Smith


Make sure to check out the different discussions in TAQOZ, fastspin, p2gcc as most have build on drivers available.















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